We connect top students with summer internships at leading companies.

About 50% of U.S. interns were unpaid in 2022, creating tough decisions and disparities for many. We connect talented, financially disadvantaged students with companies of all sizes.

Will your organization sponsor an intern's lodging for simply $2,500 over the summer? Join us in transforming students' lives and boosting your company's ROI.

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College Student
1. Save money on housing 

2. Build enduring personal & professional relationships

3. Gain knowledge of the city
Corporate Partner
1. Companies that emphasize the importance of building cultures that are diverse and inclusive are gaining competitive advantage and winning in the marketplace

2. Eight out of 10 employers surveyed by NACE noted that internships provided the best return on investment as a recruiting strategy 

3. Generation Z demands that their workplaces prioritize diversity and inclusion



Steps will be taken to ensure the safety of college students and host families.

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